Welcome to Hopewell Township

Cumberland County, PA

ATTENTION: The Cumberland County Landfill will be CLOSED on Saturdays for the foreseeable future. 


Hopewell Township is considering an intergovernmental cooperation agreement with Southampton Township relating to garbage/solid waste, recycling, and bulk item collection through Parks. The price would be $61 per quarter and $55 for senior citizens. Hopewell Township residents would still be able to take five bags of trash to the landfill each week. You can find more information at the following link or for questions or feedback, contact Greg Alleman at 717-423-6582. – CLICK HERE

The Zoning Hearing Board is looking for a new board member. If you are interested, email [email protected].

NOTICE 05.25.22: Zoning Hearing Board Agenda – 07-06-22 – CLICK HERE

NOTICE 06.29.22: Board of Supervisors Agenda – 07.05.22 – CLICK HERE

About Hopewell Township

Hopewell Township was formed in 1735 and at that time it was part of Lancaster County. The Township began at a line crossing at the spring in Newville and included most of what is now Franklin County. Later the Township was divided into two sections with the eastern portion called Hopewell and the western portion named Antrim (eventually changed to Franklin County). Hopewell was gradually reduced to its present size by the formation of Southampton Township and Mifflin Township in the 1790s.