PSP Trooper Time Quarterly Submission

  • Make sure house numbers are clearly marked, and are easily identifiable day or night.  This will aid first responders by allowing them to more readily locate your residence in the event of an emergency.
  • As warmer weather approaches, we will likely see more motorcycles on the road.  All motorists are reminded to double check intersections for motorcycles, as they are sometimes difficult to see.  For those operating motorcycles, please be mindful of gravel or left over weather related clearing materials on the roadways that may remain prior to spring cleanup. 
  • The PA Legislature recently approved use of automated camera speed enforcement in work zones.  As the program expands, remember to drive the posted construction zone speed limit to avoid possibly civil penalty.
  • While driving past an emergency scene or construction zone may draw curiosity, motorists are reminded of their duty to maintain their full attention on the roadway.  An attempt to snap a picture or take a video while driving, regardless of the reason, is extremely dangerous.
  • Please be aware of a variety of on going telephone scam techniques.  If it seems suspicious end the call and DO NOT provide any further personal information above what the caller may have.  Most of the personal information these deceptive individuals already have may have been obtained via internet.  Don’t be fooled with “some” information that they have, and end up providing additional sensitive data.  Based off of the circumstance you should consider contacting the police. 
  • As a reminder, if you see an emergency vehicle approaching towards you, or from behind, you are required by law to yield.  Utilize your 4-way flashers, and pull over as far as safely possible to allow emergency responders to pass.  DO NOT stop at the crest of a hill either.  While you may be able to see over the hill, the emergency vehicle which is passing, likely cannot, making it even more dangerous for responders to navigate traffic. 
  • If you are stopped within a significant traffic backlog on the interstate, from a crash or potential roadwork, and you suspect your vehicle is going to run out of fuel or overheat, please pull as far from the travel lanes as you can and call for help.
  • Spring is always a great time to check and update your address on your PA Driver’s License/ID Card, Vehicle Registration Card, and Insurance Card as needed. 
  • PSP Carlisle offers free gun locks.  If you are interested in the program, please call PSP Carlisle at 717-249-2121 and ask to speak to a Firearms Instructor.  Arrangement will then be made for you to stop by station.
  • PSP Carlisle has a secure medication drop box located within our lobby, in which you can drop off old or expired medications.  Please note that we will not accept liquids, aerosols, or needles.

Trooper Kyle J REESER, Trooper, Troop H Carlisle, Patrol, 2 Dunwoody Drive, Carlisle, PA 17015, Phone 717-249-2121,

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