Bulky Waste Day Scheduled

Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, PA BULKY WASTE DISPOSAL April 18, 2020 and September 12, 2020 from 7:30AM-11:30AM At the Cumberland County Landfill 620 Newville Road, Newburg.   

Bulky waste disposal days are free to Hopewell Township Residents ONLY.  Bulky waste from any business will be rejected.  Non- Hopewell Township customers will be charged the gate rate fees for regular household trash and bulky waste disposal. Residents MUST present their WSI card sent previously. 

Cumberland County Landfill will NOT accept any hazardous wastes (automotive/household/outdoor/paint products, etc.) liquid waste, yard wastes (grass/tree clippings, etc.), batteries, closed containers, construction materials, computer equipment or vehicles. NO WIRE of any kind!

ACCEPTED will be white goods (stoves, refrigerators/freezers/hot water heaters/dishwashers/air conditioners, etc.) Furniture, construction materials, (boards/block/bricks), lawn mowers, bicycles and tires (10 regular-light truck/car and 2 large tractor). Tires must be off rim and be free of calcium, stones, mud and water. Any inquiries should be directed to the Landfill at 496-9351.

Date – April 18, 2020

Date – September 12, 2020

Trooper’s Time

With snow and ice prevalent in the harsh Pennsylvania winter, please use caution when driving in these conditions. Please allow extra time to get to workin these conditions, as crews work as quickly as they can to clear the road or snow and clear crashes. While you maybe driving the speed limit in a wintery condition, it may still be too fast to be safe and is still a citable offense under the Vehicle Code.

Wet leaves and gravel on the roadway can also be problematic for traction of your vehicle.

As a reminder, if you see an emergency vehicle approaching towards you or from behind you, you are required to yield. Pull over as far as is safely possible and allow them ample room to pass. Do not stop at the crest of a hill. While you may be able to see over the hill, the emergency vehicle which is passing, likely cannot. This means that any approaching traffic also cannot see the oncoming emergency vehicle, making it much more dangerous for first responders.

 If there is a significant backlog (traffic) on the interstate from a crash or roadwork and your vehicle is going to run out of fuel or overheat, please pull as far from the travel lanes as you can and request help.

In snow storms, please do not abandon your vehicles on the roads and interstates. Your vehicle will be towed at your expense in order to clear the snow, including the possibility of a citation under the Vehicle Code.

Be mindful when consuming alcoholic beverages around the upcoming holidays, as there is a strict no-tolerance policy for DUI.

With the advent of online shopping, please be mindful of package theft and be vigilant for suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

As tax season approaches, keep in mind that the I.R.S. will not call you demanding payment in the form of gift cards. Please be aware of such scams and do not allow yourself to become a victim.

Do not leave unattended vehicles running to warm up. This allows a potential car thief easy access to steal your vehicle.

 Remember to update your addresses on your PA identification cards, driver’s license, and vehicle registrations.

Trooper Kyle J Reeser | Trooper Troop H Carlisle| Patrol 2 Dunwoody Dr., | Carlisle, PA 17015 Phone: 717-249-2121

Return to School -Pennsylvania State Police Troop H, Carlisle

The members of the Pennsylvania State Police, Troop H, Carlisle Station, would like to remind motorists to be cognizant of the return to school by students and staff. In the interest of safety, we will be enhancing our monitoring and enforcement of speed limits around schools. Students, staff, and parents should also be aware that an increased presence of uniformed members, in both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles, will be seen in school areas, around events, and within parking lots throughout the school year.

Additionally, surveillance of school buses and subsequent enforcement actions will be taken against motorists failing to stop and obey school bus flashing lights and controls. Routinely students will be gathering around bus stops, crossing roadways, and at times possibly rushing to get to their bus arrival point or departing from their bus toward their homes after school. Motorists share a tremendous responsibility to be aware, be safe, and be ready to stop!

Community members ask asked to be diligent in their efforts to report any observed unusual activity at or around school bus stops. Parents should discuss and enact a plan to ensure an adult in always present at bus stops for both student arrivals and departures. Suspicious vehicles and individuals can be reported to the State Police in Carlisle by calling 717-249-2121. We all must do our part to keep our students safe.

Trooper’s Time- Safety Information

The Pennsylvania State Police, Troop H, Carlisle Station, would like to remind the citizens of Cumberland County of the following important information:

• For your safety, please remember to make sure to turn your headlights on when it rains, and while driving through construction zones.

• Do not leave unattended cars running, giving a possible car thief an easy means to steal your vehicle. Leaving children in vehicles, even for a quick second, should always be out of the question. Be smart, be safe!!!

• Strict enforcement of violations on Interstate 81 continue. Motorists are urged to be aware of speed limits and to plan ahead for their travels.

• With the Click-It-Or-Ticket campaign, Troopers will continue to address the issue of seat-belt use.

• The warm season months are approaching. With such weather, residences often have open windows and doors.

Please make attempts to secure your residence before departing, hopefully decreasing your chances of becoming a potential victim of a home break-in.

Important Emergency Medical Service Announcement

In 2019, West Shore Advanced Life Support Services, Inc. began doing business as Geisinger Emergency Medical Services (EMS).   

Please Note that we are now officially located at: 431 N. 21st Street, Suite 101, Camp Hill, PA 17011. 

Any question, please call Paul Christophel at 717-972-4725 or Lacey Foller at 717-972-4752

Swimming Pools require Building Permit

Swimming pools that have the potential to hold 24″ pr greater in depth of water require a building permit. This includes below ground, on ground, and above ground pools including inflatable pools. Title 34 Part XIV Section 403.26

Questions? Call PA Municipal Code Alliance, Inc. at 717-496-4996