New Hope Recycling Information – 1st Saturday of every Month


     CATEGORY 1Single Stream (all in one container)

Steel and Aluminum cans – clean of prior contents

Aluminum foil /foil products – clean of prior contents

Waxed cartons (milk, juice, ice cream, etc.) – drained and rinsed

Plastics – all non-film/non-bag plastic, any shape or color, clean of prior contents

Paper/Cardboard – junk mail, magazines newspapers, cereal boxes, etc.

      CATEGORY 2 – Scrap Metal

ANY appliance or product that is mostly made of any type of metal (no wire or fencing)

      CATEGORY 3 – Styrofoam

Packaging Foam – #6 EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) from shipping boxes, any shape or size.

Foam Containers – Cups, bowls, food trays, etc.   Remove all paper, tape and labels.

      CATEGORY 4 – Batteries

Dry Cells – NO Alkaline or “Heavy Duty” (Zinc Carbon).

          RECHARGEABLE only (NiMh, NiCad, Lithium, etc.)  AA/AAA/C/D, button, laptop, power            tool, etc.  Any size. Batteries 9-volt and higher must be individually bagged or have the        terminals taped over.

Lead Acid – Car/motorcycle/tractor/UPS, etc.

      CATEGORY 5 – Techno Trash (plastic and paper cases/inserts can go in Category 1)

Media – Any CD/DVD, Blu-ray, Floppy/ZIP/Jazz disks, etc.

Tapes – VHS, Cassettes, Reel-Reel, 8-Track, etc.

Computer/Office – Desktops, laptops, phones (any type), flat screen monitors, modems,             keyboards/mice, etc.   No TVs. No CRT (non-flat screen) computer monitors.


Reading Glasses – Any age, shape, color or size

Printer cartridges – Any type


Glass/Pyrex,Ceramics/Ovenware – Of any type, including BOTTLES and JARS

Light Bulbs


Appliances with Freon